Recap of our quick 1 hour break lol Hella productive day in the field building our business… 1 hour of spare time to hit the strip real quick, but money & business over going out anyday… Even while in Vegas. #lovethesegirls
Been about this & I’m still about this… You can’t possibly love me if you don’t love Him.  It just don’t work. #Godfirst #equallyyoked 💙
-As soon as you get focused people swear you acting funny…-
Not sure how I feel… in JESUS name heal him. #iloveyou 💙
If you look in the mirror & I look in the mirror; ain’t nobody perfect… Ain’t nobody perfect. 💙
Got home not too long ago… Still got things to do.  Maybe if you understood the magnitude of my company and what we do for families daily then you would know that these late nights are never out of vain.  When you love what you do you wake up early & stay up late by choice… Never said I don’t get tired.  I just know it’s worth it, and God uses me daily to serve His people so how can I stop?….  #familiesneedus #ilovewhatido #blessed #mypassion 💙 “if a man will not work, he shall not eat” 2THESSALONIANS 3:10 “do everything in love” 1CORINTHIANS 16:14
5’6 nice lips… 😏💋 lol
The moment I stop having fun with it I be done with it… 😈✌️